Station Toilets To Go Free

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Station Toilets To Go Free

From 2019, toilets in most of London's train stations (and nationwide) will be free to use. The announcement by Network Rail will come as a relief to passengers, who currently fork out up to 30p to attend to nature.

Network Rail operates most of the big stations in London. Its munificence might not be extended to Blackfriars and Marylebone, which are managed by other companies. These currently charge 30p, and may become curiosity pieces as London's last pay-per-poo station toilets. Fenchurch Street is also outside Network Rail's operational portfolio, but doesn't charge.

Toilet charges as of March 2018. London Bridge, Charing Cross and Victoria all recently went free.

It's a rare positive news story from the ever-embattled railways. But what should we do with all the spare shrapnel in our pockets? In this increasingly contactless era, the antiquated toilet barriers are about the last place where a small coin is needed. We'd suggest that Network Rail places signs beside its facilities to say: "These toilets are now free. But if you're stuck on where to spend your 20p, please place it in this charity box".

Last Updated 02 March 2018