Alternative Tube Map: Quirky Christmas Food

Laura Reynolds
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Alternative Tube Map: Quirky Christmas Food
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The tube map has had a festive redesign, showing you where to alight to get some of the quirkiest Christmas food in London this year.

The Christmas dinner pizza at Fire & Stone (nearest station: Covent Garden), the festive afternoon tea at The Landmark (Edgware Road) and Kua Aina's lava Christmas burger (Goodge Street) are among the most festive items on there.

The map has been designed by Wren Kitchens, and also shows some festive cocktails (Chrimbellini, anyone?) as well a few Christmas pop-ups — of course, those igloos make an appearance. Of course they do.

Tempted by any of the stops? Here's where to find them:

There are a couple of quirks which pedants will be quick to pick up on; the incorrect spelling of 'Edgeware Road' for one, and the fact that EAT's Yorkshire Pudding Wrap has been attributed to Piccadilly Circus, when there are branches all over town (and the same with Be At One' Chrimbellini). Still, if all you want for Christmas is to rack up the Instagram likes, it might be worth taking a closer look.

Take a closer look on the Wren Kitchens blog.

Last Updated 10 December 2018

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