Is Crossrail Accessible To Wheelchair Users?

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Is Crossrail Accessible To Wheelchair Users?

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With Crossrail fast approaching, Londoners will soon have new ways to get around London. But what about wheelchair users, or those with visual or hearing impairments? How is London's new railway adapted for them?

How accessible are Crossrail stations?

All Crossrail stations in the tunnel section in central and south-east London, as well as all Heathrow Airport stations, will be completely step-free from the street to the train. The above map shows which stations this applies to (blue dots).

Every station served by Crossrail, both in central London and further out, will have step-free access from the street to the platform, although there may be a step between the platform and the train. These stations will be staffed at all times, and a turn-up-and-go service will be available for wheelchair users who require a ramp to board the train.

How accessible are the new Crossrail trains?

The trains themselves will have priority seats for those who require them, and dedicated wheelchair spaces in each carriage.

It's been a point of contention that there are no toilets on board any of the trains — or at some of the stations — so accessible toilets are a moot point.

What about for passengers with visual or hearing impairments?

On board the trains, audio and visual information are provided in every carriage.

Will concessions tickets and railcards be valid on Crossrail?

Ticketing, with the exception of journeys to and from Heathrow Airport, is in line with elsewhere on TfL, meaning that concession fares, daily and weekly capping all apply in the same way.  Concession fares do still apply on journeys to and from Heathrow, but these journeys are priced differently to other TfL services. More on that here.

More information on Crossrail

Here's a handy video we made as a quick guide to Crossrail, including where exactly under the streets of London the Crossrail platforms will be. Note that some of the details may have changed since the video was first published in March 2016:

Find more information on Crossrail's accessibility page.

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