Get Yourself A Glowy Tube Roundel

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Get Yourself A Glowy Tube Roundel

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You could, and probably should, fill your bookcases with books. But we rather like the idea of this Underground roundel taking the place of all our unread Tolstoys and Atwoods.

The world-famous design icon can now be yours from London Transport Museum shop.

The lamp is either free-standing or wall-mountable. It's battery-powered (6xAA), so you can even affix it to your toilet door if you're so inclined.

The light box will set you back a cool £40, but comes with 10 interchangeable signs. Load yours with Underground, Mind the Gap, Angel, Victoria, London, Covent Garden, Piccadilly Circus, Waterloo, Oxford Circus or Kings Cross St Pancras.

Available now from London Transport Museum shop, £40. Height 28cm, depth 5cm, width 36cm.

Last Updated 11 June 2018