Seen These Miniature Versions Of The London Underground?

Will Noble
By Will Noble Last edited 15 months ago

Last Updated 21 February 2023

Seen These Miniature Versions Of The London Underground?
Image: Bramwell Bourne

At tiny tube stations, tiny commuters wait for tiny trains.

The world of the model railway enthusiast is hardly a niche platform anymore: Ally Pally hosts gargantuan get togethers, while rock star Rod Stewart purrs proudly about his own stunning railway in miniature.

Image: Andrew Cocker

And when you think about the kind of fanbase the London Underground network enjoys, it's no surprise that model railways of the London Underground are a bit of a thing, too.

Image: Dónal Murray Údar Author

A while back we stumbled across the wonderful London Underground model railways Facebook group. On it, enthusiasts share their miniature versions of London — where roundels bear unfamiliar names, 1938 stock runs on loop, and new stations get built a hell of a lot quicker that we're used to.

Image: John DC

Conversations in the group can get technical (we don't claim to know what a Tenshodo Coreless motor bogie is), but there's something comforting about seeing everything shrunk down. And if you're missing your commute due to you-know-what, perhaps this is just the tonic.

Image: Ian McFrln

In fact we challenge you to join the group, and not want your own model Underground railway by the end of the day.

Image: Simon Graver

As well as an enviable knowledge of the Underground and its history, many group members posses incredible craftsmanship — building their own trains, stations and scenery from scratch.

Image: Josh Hamilton

If you actually DID want to mastermind your own model tube network — but don't fancy yourself as a mini engineer/architect — you can get kickstarted by buying bits and pieces; Bachmann, for example, sells a spiffing four-car 1938 train. You kind of want it now, don't you.

Image: Eric French

And maybe if you ask nicely, someone in the group will get back to you with a little expert advice. London Underground model railways is a public Facebook group, which you can request to join here.

Image: Mike Buttell
Image: Eric French