What's At The End Of The Tube Map?

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Last Updated 08 July 2024

What's At The End Of The Tube Map?
A map of stuff at the end of each line
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Always wanted to visit Cockfosters or Chesham, but not sure what to do there? Here's something to see at every tube terminus.

It's quite a commitment to get yourself out to Upminster or Morden, so you'd better have something lined up when you get there. That's where this map comes in. We've picked something unusual, quirky, unexpected or mildly interesting to see at every Tube terminus.

From a henge of stones made from Old Waterloo Bridge, to a whalebone arch, to a fictional football club, even seasoned London explorers should find something new.

But even Londonist, after 20 years of covering this sort of stuff, can't be experts on every end-of-the-line. So we'd love to hear reader suggestions for alternatives for each terminus. We'll update the map with as many as we can fit in.

This is a companion piece to Something to Spot at Every Central Underground Station

Notes for pedants

What about Hainault or Heathrow Terminal 4 or Queen's Park...? Trains often terminate at these places, and others you've casually left off. Lazy journalism!
Yes, trains do terminate at other stations as part of regular service. But these stops don't have the same cachet as the actual, physical, end-of-line termini as shown on the Tube Map. And the map would be too cluttered if we tried to include all the non-terminal destinations.

Why did you pick x, when I would have chosen y?
Because I'm not you. But probably also because I didn't have a photo of y. Lazy journalism.

Where's the Elizabeth line?
It's not considered a tube line.

The "something interesting" for West Ruislip is a bit shit, really, isn't it?
Yes. Yes it is. What would be your suggestion?