Bike Stolen? This Site Can Help

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Bike Stolen? This Site Can Help
Not all bike thieves dress up as pirates.

London has far more cyclists than it did 10 years ago. This is joyful in so many ways, but it's also seen a rise in cycle crime. Step forward Stolen Ride London, an online community that helps track down stolen bikes.

It's dead easy. If your bike's been nicked, simply tweet a description, location and preferably a photo to @stolenride. Followers of the account, who include bike shop owners and other professionals, then keep an eye out for the missing cycle.

It's may seem something of a longshot, but Stolen Ride claims to be 'constantly delighted by the success' in reuniting bikes and owners. Swiped saddles have been recovered from as far away as Spain and Moldova since the community started in 2012.

20,000 bicycles are reported missing in London each year, and many more go unreported. If you're among this unfortunate cohort, report the theft to the police and give Stolen Ride a go. Have a read of the blog, too, where you'll find numerous interesting pieces, such as this interview with a former bike thief.

Follow @StolenRide to help find stolen bikes.

Last Updated 05 June 2017