An Official TfL Tube Diagram With Some Very Odd Station Names

Will Noble
By Will Noble Last edited 11 months ago
An Official TfL Tube Diagram With Some Very Odd Station Names

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Naureen House? Jumpperly? Great Puddington? Hold your horses — what's going on here then?

Image: TfL

Alternative tube maps might be ten a penny, but far less so when they're created by TfL. Nonetheless, this diagram of a make-believe District and Circle line is as official as they come.

The diagram — which most recently surfaced on Reddit — lays out TfL's strict design rules for the vertical platform line diagrams, which we're all familiar with. Someone's had some fun, creating stops such as Mainframingon, Oilipinghi Hill and Bonnigton — none of which exactly roll off the tongue.

Between them, these bizarre station names cover all letters of the alphabet — aside from Z. (And yup, there is a real station with a Z in it — Belsize Park.)  

Some of the Reddit comments were more extraordinary than the station names themselves, one of them reading:

Great puddington sounds like a stage name for a massive cocked teddy bear in a rain coat

You'll find this singular diagram nestled away in TfL's comprehensive house style guide [pdf]: an aesthetic bible, which denotes the layout of signage down to a gnat's whisker.

Last Updated 05 June 2018