15 Stunningly Atmospheric Photos Of The Tube

Will Noble
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Last Updated 27 January 2021

15 Stunningly Atmospheric Photos Of The Tube
Bank. "A commuter travels on the escalator. This long exposure makes it look like a scene from a sci-fi film." © Luke Agbaimoni

You could argue the tube network is one great piece of art. That's how Luke Agbaimoni sees it.

The photographer spins workaday moments on the network into powerful vignettes: station signs are liquified in puddles. Fast-moving commuters become ghosts through the camera lens. Walkways and tunnels transform into portals from a sci-fi film.

Denmark Hill: "I love the calm feel and positioning under the arch of these commuters waiting for a train at this Overground station." © Luke Agbaimoni

Agbaimoni has now turned select images from his impressive portfolio into a book: The Tube Mapper Project: Capturing Moments on the London Underground.

"The reflection below distorts the overall symmetry of the image." © Luke Agbaimoni

The design and architecture of the stations create the backdrop, but you feel that the unaware, anonymous commuters are the real stars of many of these images; frozen in moments of waiting, rushing and daydreaming, which all of us are familiar with.

In one of the photos, taken at South Kensington, we're even left wondering what a certain pigeon's story might be.

Borough: "There are many beautiful spiral staircases on the London Underground. I love how the lady here matches the yellow handrails and stairs." © Luke Agbaimoni

South Kensington: "Unique slushy reflection after a week of heavy snowfall." © Luke Agbaimoni
South Kensington: "The element I most like is the message on the shoulder bag." © Luke Agbaimoni
Tower Hill: " A lucky capture of a lady standing still as everyone walks around her. It feels like there are ghosts in the station." © Luke Agbaimoni
Gloucester Road: "The light paints light on the train track in the deep darkness of the tunnel." © Luke Agbaimoni
Goodge Street: "One of my favourite captures of the project. It gave me a new appreciation for tiling." © Luke Agbaimoni
High Street Kensington: "Mr Pigeon waits for a train home after a long day's flight."
© Luke Agbaimoni
Latimer Road: "I love the rainbow reflections in this tunnel, taken on a rainy wet night." © Luke Agbaimoni
Leicester Square: "My camera settings were reading but this shot was pure luck." © Luke Agbaimoni
Shadwell DLR: "Bright neon colours created by capturing moving trains at night." © Luke Agbaimoni
"Reflections at South Ruislip." © Luke Agbaimoni
Temple: "A lone figure rushes on a wet autumn evening." © Luke Agbaimoni
The author with his book in front of a train at the Pump House Museum, Walthamstow © Luke Agbaimoni

The Tube Mapper Project: Capturing Moments on the London Underground by Luke Agbaimoni is on sale now, RRP £20.