Beautiful New Photography Book Captures Moments On The Tube

Laura Reynolds
By Laura Reynolds Last edited 46 months ago

Last Updated 11 August 2020

Beautiful New Photography Book Captures Moments On The Tube
Stratford - When trains open their double doors they become temporary bridges. But be careful not to cross them too late.

A new book showcases the beauty and symmetry of the London Underground, as seen through the eyes and lens of one London photographer.

The Tube Mapper Project: Capturing Moments On The London Underground stays away from the usual fact-based territory of books about the tube, and instead focuses on the symmetry and reflections of the stations, with poems included.

The photos are by Luke Agbaimoni, whose work we have featured before. Most recently, we were captivated by his attempt to photograph every station on the Circle line.

The book is an extension of Agbaimoni's Tube Mapper Project. He said:

The Tube Mapper project follows my journey slowly capturing moments at every London Underground, Overground and DLR station. The project began over four years ago, just before my first child was born, I realised that the free time I used for creative photography of cityscapes at dusk was likely to disappear. So I devised a new project that would fit more comfortably around my work schedule. The Tube Mapper Project was born and I started capturing moments on my commute on the London Underground.

Here, he highlights some of his favourite photos from the book.

Brockley - "The station cat Saffy said hello and posed briefly for me."
West Ham - "I love the splash of blue and red of the DLR train as it zooms past."
Waterloo - "A long exposure portraying the skill of taking a moment as the world rushes by."
Hatton Cross - "Very beautiful coloured tiles here. Perfect for a symmetrical capture."
St James's Park - "The angle of this long exposure is misleading, he is very safely behind the yellow line."
St Paul's - "The beginning of me capturing trains to add to the overall symmetry of a scene."
Canning Town - "The unique view of a double decker DLR and tube train."
South Wimbledon - "My symmetry game with trains continues. Also perfect tiling."
Embankment - "A unique split level view."
Bank. "Sometimes we get so used to our commute that we begin to see patterns in it."

The Tube Mapper Project: Capturing Moments on the London Underground is released on 1 October 2020, and is available for pre-order now.