Adidas Has Made A Trainer For Each Tube Line

Harry Rosehill
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Last Updated 27 November 2018

Adidas Has Made A Trainer For Each Tube Line

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A pair of Jubilee and Piccadilly trainers. Photo: Adidas

Ever loved a tube line so much that you wanted to wear it on your feet? Your prayers have been answered.

As a follow up to their recent collaboration, TfL and Adidas have teamed up again to bring more uber-fly transport themed foot apparel to Londoners.

Victoria and Waterloo and City. Photo: Adidas

These come in two phases. There are the Continental 80s, each of which pair up two tube lines in their colour schemes and the roundels on the heels. For example, the Jubilee line pairs up with the Piccadilly (one for Green Park commuters we should think), while the Metropolitan line is with its natural bedfellow the Circle line.

Some of the other pairings seem a little more random — the Victoria line and Waterloo and City lines never cross over — but are presumably paired up for aesthetic purposes.

District and Elizabeth. Photo: Adidas

Each pair is £75 and available from 10 December, just in time to make any tube fanatic's Christmas dreams come true.

Metropolitan and Circle. Photo: Adidas

The previous phase of Adidas and TfL shoes was super limited — 500 pairs of three designs — but these are available at wider release. That means you won't have to queue up at 7am.

Central and Bakerloo. Photo: Adidas

On 8 December, Adidas and TfL have another release lined up, this time in honour of the Elizabeth line.

Northern and Hammersmith and City. Photo: Adidas

Why release shoes for a train line that isn't ready yet? We suspect the plan was to coincide with Crossrail's projected — and clearly optimistic — 2018 launch date. One to add to the list of things the Crossrail delay has messed up.

Samba Elizabeth Line. Photo: Adidas

Still, maybe you can keep them in the box until the actual Crossrail launch date comes around... whenever that might transpire to be.

Stan Smith Elizabeth line. Photo: Adidas

Prices on these Elizabeth line exclusives vary from £75-£85.

Falcon Elizabeth line. Photo: Adidas

It's interesting to note that the Elizabeth line is bundled in with the tube line shoes. As some people adamantly like to point out, Crossrail isn't really a tube line. Although there are plenty of other pairs to keep such people happy.

Gazelle Elizabeth line. Photo: Adidas

The trainers will be available from Adidas' website, Adidas Originals shops, and select retailers.