Wheeee! Speed Over London On A Huge Zip Wire This Summer

Laura Reynolds
By Laura Reynolds Last edited 62 months ago

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Last Updated 29 March 2019

Wheeee! Speed Over London On A Huge Zip Wire This Summer

The world's highest and fastest city centre zip wire returns to London this summer.

Zip Now London is setting up camp in Archbishop's Park in Lambeth for a third consecutive year, with a 225m-long zip line to keep the capital's thrill seekers happy.

Climb to the 35m-high launch platform (that's about 10 storeys high and — sorry — there's no lift), and enjoy the view before launching yourself off the platform and across the tree canopy below.

Previously, three lines ran parallel, but this year, a fourth has been added, meaning you can add an extra mate to race. And once you've reached the other end, there's a further treat for adrenaline junkies, with the option to take part in a free-fall Mega Drop to get back to the ground (stairs are also an option, if you've has enough excitement for one day.

Here's what happened when Team Londonist took on Zip Now 2018:

Zip Now London 2019 is at Archbishop's Park in Lambeth, 12 June-15 September 2019, and costs £30 per ride (or £27 if you book soon and take advantage of the early bird discount).