Walk The Elizabeth Line For Charity

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Walk The Elizabeth Line For Charity
A purple Elizabeth line roundel

Interesting charity walk klaxon! Do you have the stamina to trek the whole* length of the central Elizabeth line?

We all got a bit giddy back in May when the central core of the Elizabeth line finally opened. Many of us have ridden the line end to end and checked out every station. But how many superfans have walked the Purp?

Now's your chance with the Elizabeth Line Rail Trail — a 24km (15 mile) trek on Friday 7 October, from Woolwich to Paddington. (For the sake of absolute clarity, that's above ground and not along the tracks!)

Black and white image of people alighting from an up escalator with Elizabeth Line Rail Trail written over the top

The walk visits every station along the way, where you'll collect a stamp. You'll also get a fold-out map to help you along, and there’ll be a medal waiting at the finish line.

The walk is in aid of The Railway Children, a charity that helps vulnerable children found on the streets and railways of India, Tanzania, and here in the UK.

To take part, you need to pay a £20 registration fee with a £100 minimum sponsorship pledge. The walk is suitable for individuals, groups, young and old, friends and colleagues.

Elizabeth Line Rail Trail, Friday 7 October 2022.

*Except for Abbey Wood to Woolwich, for some reason.

Last Updated 14 September 2022