Donald Trump In London: What Are His Movements? Where Should You Protest?

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Donald Trump In London: What Are His Movements? Where Should You Protest?
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The 45th President of the United States has touched down in the UK, commencing a three-day state visit. Millions across the country are expected to protest; here's how to get stuck in, in the capital.

When and where is the London Trump protest happening?

Today (Monday), Trump visits the Queen and family at Buckingham Palace for lunch (they haven't extended an invite for him to stay the night). He'll then visit Westminster Abbey, before having tea at Clarence House. Protestors are expected along the route — but particularly from 5.30pm-7.30pm outside Buckingham Palace, where Trump will attend a state banquet (we're feeding him well, it seems).

However, the big London protest is tomorrow (Tuesday). This 'Carnival of Resistance' forms at 11am in Trafalgar Square.

A maize-based protest last year

Where does the protest go?

The exact route depends on Trump's movements. The itinerary says that after breakfasting at St James's Palace, he'll head to Downing Street for a press conference with Theresa May (expect a mass of protestors to travel from Trafalgar Square, along Embankment and into Parliament Square).

On Tuesday evening, Trump dines at Winfield House in Regent's Park, at a dinner attended by the Queen and Prince Charles. This is also where the Trumps are staying. Last year, protestors made themselves heard with all kinds of drums, bells and other ad hoc percussion.

How many protestors are expected in London?

Stop Trump, the organisers of the rally, claim that 250,000 people attended the last one, in July 2018. They're expecting similar numbers on Tuesday.

A Londoner welcomes Trump in July 2018

What's the protest about?

I mean. The president — accused of everything from misogyny to racism to inappropriate use of an umbrella. — even slagged off Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, minutes before Air Force One landed, taking the mick out of his height and calling him a "stone cold loser". Classy. Stop Trump says that the rally "shows we reject Trump’s divisive politics and policies of bigotry, hate and greed".

Trump Baby rises again. Image: Shutterstock

Will Trump Baby be present?

The now iconic Trump Baby blimp — which the Museum of London has just staked an interest in — is expected to fly above Parliament Square for around two hours on Tuesday, while Trump visits Theresa May nearby in Downing Street. Trump Baby did do a bit of parading through the streets last year, so maybe he'll take a little tour this time too.

When is Trump leaving London?

Wednesday morning, as he heads to Portsmouth for D-Day commemorations, and then onto Ireland. For golf, obviously.

Last Updated 03 June 2019