Spend The Night Inside A James Bond Film With Secret Cinema

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Last Updated 08 February 2019

Spend The Night Inside A James Bond Film With Secret Cinema

This is a sponsored article on behalf of Secret Cinema.

When you step inside Casino Royale, you enter a world of intrigue, glamour and espionage. Despite the name, there's not much gambling involved — at least not in the traditional sense. But that doesn't mean things won't get a little dicey. After all, national intelligence is at stake, and the future of the country lies in your hands.

For its biggest and most suspenseful production yet, Secret Cinema wants you to become MI6's latest recruit. This summer, the masters of film-inspired immersive adventure are bringing Daniel Craig's triumphant debut as Bond into the real world.

As last minute Valentine's gifts go, this would make a pretty incredible one — so consider forgoing the chocolates and flowers this year, and instead giving that special someone an experience they'll never forget.

This fusion of theatre, art, music and dance allows you to step straight into the plot of the hit 2006 film. Watch Casino Royale's most iconic moments spill out from the screen as you sip martinis, take on secret missions, and interact with a colourful cast of characters.

The first batch of tickets sold out in record time but, so you'll need to be as lightning-quick as a real operative to secure your place this time around.

Once your tickets are booked, you gain access to a top secret website and a hitherto untold part of the Casino Royale story. You'll also be given your own bespoke secret identity and details of your upcoming mission, so you can start planning your transformation right away. Whether you opt for a glamorously tussled tuxedo or plunging, jewel-toned evening gown à la Eva Green, you're going to want to dress to impress.

On the night itself, you'll leave your phone at the door and spend four whole hours rediscovering the pleasures of total immersion. Whether you're a diehard Bond fan, or about to experience the flick for the first time, the meticulous attention to detail of Secret Cinema's filmic dreamscapes are always awe-inspiring. Basically, it's your chance to live inside a Hollywood blockbuster for an evening.

Casino Royale runs June-September 2019 and takes place in a top secret London location. Click here to book your tickets.