Gym And Tonic: Ministry Of Sound Opens Fitness Centre

Harry Rosehill
By Harry Rosehill Last edited 24 months ago

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Gym And Tonic: Ministry Of Sound Opens Fitness Centre

Ministry of Sound has been offering Londoners top notch nights out since 1991 and it's now rolled out its latest offering; a gym.

Many clubbing venues are having to adapt to survive in today's market, be that by offering a side of fitness, opening on a Sunday evening, or enticing punters with a ball pit.

Ministry of Sound's The Arches rewards people for their workouts, albeit with a glass of prosecco instead of a measly handful of carrot sticks. That's right, the venue has a fully stocked bar, where you can unwind after crunching your abs into prime shape. Even if you're not looking for a workout, you're still welcome to have a drink at the bar.

As for the gym itself, it's got a range of classes including cardio and strength training, helping you to get into shape (then straight out of it). Don't forget to buy a bottle of "vegan, gluten-free, zero calorie" water from reception before your workout, and look out for posters on the wall banning perfect hair gym selfies. Take that, Instagram.

With coaches going by names including Lion and Beefy, we're not surprised to hear the staff described as "straight talking".

What makes Ministry of Sound so special as a club is its unbeatable sound system, and we're expecting similar quality from The Arches. Serious time and energy has been dedicated to producing a sound system, complete with playlist curated in-house. You no longer need to spend hours deciding which tracks will pump you up the most for your workout — Ministry has done it all for you. Well, except the actual workout. That's still on you.

The Arches, Ministry Does Fitness, Arches 80 and 81, Newington Court, SE1 6DD.

Last Updated 14 February 2017