Meet The Camden Company Reinventing Drumming Circles For The 21st Century

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Last Updated 29 May 2019

Meet The Camden Company Reinventing Drumming Circles For The 21st Century

This is a sponsored article on behalf of BeatOrbit.

Feeling frazzled? Here's an idea to beat the stress of city living: a proper jam session. From releasing tension to boosting your cognitive abilities, the benefits of making music are well known.

But what if you never managed to get beyond Hot Cross Buns on the recorder? Or if you don't have access to your instrument of choice? (Hey, grand pianos and pokey London flats don't exactly mix!) Thankfully, there is another way to get your musical fix — one that's way better than laying down some limp rendition of Wonderwall in your mate's living room.

We're talking about drum circles.

But cast any images of unwashed hippies gathered around a campfire out of your mind, because BeatOrbit have brought the practice of drum circles into the 21st century. Inside BeatOrbit's new sound-proofed, hexagon-shaped studios in Camden, awaits an hour of audio-visual immersion, made possible through a combination of dazzling, 360-degree visuals and concert-grade audio.

Here's how it works: first, grab up to five of your mates and convince to ditch post-work pints in favour of unlocking the power of percussion. Then, once you're in the studio, you'll get a quick primer on how to use the two drumming pads on your special desk, courtesy of the screens in front of you. Don't worry, beginners are welcome, you don't have to be Phil Collins to play here. Once that's sorted, you're free to lose yourself in the playful flow of communal drumming.

From rock 'n roll and country through to electronica and even trap, BeatOrbit has tunes that cater to all sorts of musical tastes. As you develop your drumming skills over time, you can go for more targeted sessions, focused on niche genres like techno, goa and thrash metal (or something a little more meditative!)

Click here to book a group session at BeatOrbit — a private room costs £150, which equates to £25 each for a team of six. Haven't managed to rally the troops yet? No worries, march to the beat of your own drum and book a shared session for £25 instead. Sure, you'll be jamming with strangers, but what better way to bond than through the universal language of music?

BeatOrbit at 38B Georgiana St, Camden. Sessions run at 2pm-9pm, Wednesday-Sunday. Tickets from £25.