London's Best Quizzes

Harry Rosehill
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London's Best Quizzes

There's nothing like a good old pub-style quiz. Here we look at some of the best London has to offer — each with its own quirks. Witty team names at the ready, people...

Proper film buffs at Filmageddon.

One for the film buffs

Filmaggedon is a bi-monthly event at the Prince Charles Cinema, off Leicester Square. This place is a mecca for film geeks across the city, and the quiz is where they like to show off their reels and reels of knowledge. The prizes? Free cinema tickets and DVDs, of course.

Prince Charles Cinema, 7 Leicester Place, WC2H 7BY. Find details of their next event via @FilmaggedonQuiz.

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One for the party animals

It's the bonus rounds at The Old Queen's Head's quiz that steal the limelight. There's the one where you try to blow the largest bubble. There's the one where you have to draw something somewhat rude and twisted. Then there's the kazoo round. We once saw a man jump from a bar stool and dance 'the worm' on the floor, all the while retaining the kazoo between his lips, playing Teenage Dirtbag. All that for a round of shots.

The quiz itself is good fun too, with a bottle of champagne up for grabs. If you need it after all those shots.

The Old Queen's Head, 44 Essex Road, N1 8LN. Takes place every Tuesday night, more details on the website.

Hijinks at The Old Queen's Head.

One for the proper brain boxes

The Prince of Wales doesn't market itself as London's toughest pub quiz. It lures you in looking like any ordinary pub quiz, AND there's delicious Thai food to dig into while you're quizzing. Any poor soul would fall for such a cruel trick. Then the quiz gets under way and... you're stumped.

Once Londonist headed down and came a measly sixth. This was despite having two experienced quizmasters on our side, plus a man who writes trivia books. You have been warned.

The Prince of Wales, 53 Highgate High Street, N6 5JX. Quiz every Tuesday night

One for the nonchalant

This might sound like heresy to the hardcore quizzer, but not everyone is truly 'in it to win it'. Some people just want a friendly night to catch up with their mates, occasionally peeking into the crevices of their brain for the odd answer. If that's what you're looking for, The Tufnell Park Tavern will be your bag.

Indeed, the website promises a quiz for anyone looking for "enjoyment not bafflement". Don't bother inviting nerdy friends.

Tufnell Park Tavern, 162 Tufnell Park Road, N7 0EE. Quiz every Monday from 8pm

Also try: The Unwrong Quiz (which is typically nonchalant about how regularly it happens).

Maybe you'll get a question about The Eagles at The Lexington's music quiz.

One for the music nerds

Plenty of pub quizzes contain a music round, and many teams have that one person who comes alive, savouring every last note of it. If you're that person, The Lexington's music-only quiz is for you.

Run by that bastion of independent British music, Rough Trade, this is one for those who are good at remembering obscure Britpop bands and little-known b-sides.

If music isn't your strong point, focus on getting the best team name. Prize? A multi pack of crisps.

The Lexington, 96-98 Pentonville Road, N1 9JB. Quiz every Monday from 8pm

Also try: the fiendish quiz at The Three Kings, Clerkenwell.

One for the properly niche experts

The Elm Park Tavern boasts some of the most niche quiz rounds imaginable. For example, instead of a bog standard history round, how does a sculpture round sound? Get down early as this one tends to pack out quick.

The Elm Park Tavern, 76 Elm Park, SW2 2UB. Every Thursday from 8.30pm

Londonist writer Matt Brown hosts the odd (excellent) quiz as well, and he's got a couple on the way. The first is at the V&A Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green — a Christmas board game quiz night (15 December) Then there's The Great Victorian Quiz Night (9 April 2017) at the Florence Nightingale Museum.

Have we missed your favourite quiz out? Let us know in the comments.

Last Updated 01 November 2016