Get To Grips With Urban Gardening At London Dock

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Get To Grips With Urban Gardening At London Dock

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If you live in the capital, developing a green thumb is often easier said than done. Londoners are far less likely to have access to private outdoor space.

But don't despair — there are loads of things you can do to unleash your inner Alan Titchmarsh here in London, starting with this series of urban gardening classes at London Dock hosted by St George in partnership with Botanical Boys.

Botanical Boys are all about connecting people to nature. They've featured on the BBC's Great British Garden Revival and won gold at The Chelsea Flower Show.

And now they're rocking up to London Dock — Wapping's stylish new neighbourhood — to teach you how to bring the outdoors in, with four tutorials taking place over the next four months. Each one is open to both London Dock residents and the general public, costing £20 a pop.

All proceeds will be donated to Honeypot Children's Charity, a community partner of The Berkeley Foundation.

Make your own terrarium

Fun fact: the first terrarium was developed in 1829 by Dr Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward, who just so happened to live opposite London Dock! With the help of Botanical Boys, you'll make a miniature garden in a glass container while learning more about their history. You'll leave with your own terrarium and some aftercare advice.

16 August, 22 November

Become a plant propagation pro

Get better acquainted with a few common houseplants and learn how to propagate them. You'll have the chance to cut stems, discover how to turn them into healthy young plants, and explore fun veggie regrowth projects that you can try at home.

22 September

Help your houseplants thrive

Monstera gone limp? Succulent not looking very, erm, succulent? Find out how to properly care for your houseplants in a class that covers different soil types, lighting conditions, and feeding and watering schedules. You'll even get a little plant to take home with you.

20 October

The classes take place on Tuesday and Thursday evenings — a fantastic alternative to after-work drinks, and one that could have a positive impact on your wellbeing, long-term (houseplants are said to have numerous benefits, from reducing stress to improving productivity).

Oh, and if you are looking to invest more time in self-care, you can also catch London Dock's final outdoor yoga sessions of the summer on Sunday 7 August. Tickets cost £10 and proceeds again go to Honeypot Children’s Charity).

It's all taking place on Gauging Square, the heart of London Dock. You can't miss it: it boasts a beautiful interactive water feature and is surrounded by restaurants, so you can grab dinner at the likes of Champagne Route or sustainable seafood joint Off The Hook as soon as you've finished getting your hands dirty with Botanical Boys.

Browse and book the workshops here, check out outdoor yoga here, and find out more about London Dock here.

Last Updated 28 July 2022