A Guide To Anti-Trump Events In London

Harry Rosehill
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Last Updated 10 July 2018

A Guide To Anti-Trump Events In London
Photo: Alan Denney

After much umming and ahhing, The Donald is finally coming to Blighty. It looks like Trump won't be visiting London, thanks to the vociferous protests he'd face upon arriving. The fact that he's not coming to the capital doesn't mean that those events aren't still going ahead, however. Here's our guide to anti-Trump events happening the week of his visit:

Together Against Trump

Trump arrives on the evening of Thursday 12 July, and is expected to stay at the US ambassador's residence near Regent's Park. A man like Trump deserves a welcome, so this demonstration aims to greet him with a wall of noise. Meets at 5.30pm, location tbc.

Stop Trump March

This is the big one. On Friday 13 July there's to be a mass protest against President Trump. The provisional plan is for the march to assemble outside the BBC building in Portland Place at 2pm. From there the march heads down (see route map) to Trafalgar Square, where from 5pm-7pm a rally takes place.

Like lots of mass protests the march is made up of multiple blocs, and along with the more serious ones, there are a few gems. Our favourites? Trumpets against Trump and Margaret Atwood inspired Handmaids Against Trump.

Also, earlier in the week, you can get involved with decorating the floats for the protest, in case you can't make it down to the actual event, but still wish to leave your mark.

Image: Trump Baby

Inflatable Trump baby

The news story that's captured a nation's attention, the inflatable Trump baby. This bad boy plans to fly over Parliament Square the Friday 13 July, between 9.30am-11.30am. A juvenile prank for a juvenile man.

Anti-Trump rally

There's a pro-Trump rally on Saturday 14 July, which doubles as a pro-Tommy Robinson rally. Expect to see some counter protests there, although the only Facebook event we can find is a mass-mooning. Be warned, this day runs the risk of turning a bit nasty.

US Embassy in Nine Elms. Photo: Sean Batten

Smaller events

  • The Ivy House in Peckham plays host to a night of music a few days before the march, which doubles up as a banner-making workshop in preparation of the major protest. Organised by Stand Up To Racism, this takes place from 4pm-11.30pm on Tuesday 10 July.
  • Momentum Wandsworth have organised a protest outside the US embassy, a few days before the big march. Yes, the same embassy that Trump said was in an "off location". The group is out to show Trump just how nice the area is. Join them at 5pm on Monday 9 July.
  • Many of Trump's original controversies when he was only a candidate (remember those heady days...), came from attacking Latin America. There's a huge community from that part of the world in London, and it's holding a public meeting at Hamilton House on Trump, on Monday 9 July. Speakers include: Richard Burgon MP, Chris Williamson MP, Lindsey German, Stop the War and many, many more.

Know of any more events? Shout them out in the comments below, or drop us a line at [email protected].