Meet The App Helping Londoners Get Way Better Dates

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Meet The App Helping Londoners Get Way Better Dates

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Endless swiping, awful chat-up lines, and outright catfishing — the pitfalls of dating in the digital world are so numerous that we've even had to invent a whole new language to cover all of them (ghosting and breadcrumbing, anyone?)

But in the era of apps, looking for love offline can be a bit of challenge. Especially in London, where it's rare to bump in to the same person twice and locals aren't exactly renowned for striking up conversations with strangers. So, unless you pluck up the courage to chat up your tube crush (PSA: do not do this), should you just resign yourself to lifetime of singledom?

Obviously not — at least, not until you've checked out The Inner Circle.

The Inner Circle is a dating platform with a difference: it's all about getting you offline and building real-life connections with people you'll actually fancy as quickly as possible.

To this end, all wannabe members are subject to a screening process which weeds out the time-wasters and the fake profiles, and cultivates a community of diverse and inspiring individuals on the lookout for lurve.

For added security, you sign up via your Facebook or LinkedIn account. Once your account has been approved (by an actual human, not a bot), it's time to get browsing.

The bios you'll find on The Inner Circle are more detailed than your average dating app, so you can check out your potential paramour's hobbies, values, and even their favourite local haunts before reaching out and suggesting a venue you already know they'll love.

And there's more to The Inner Circle than its undeniably slick app. Each month, it hosts unique events at some of the capital's coolest venues, with past shindigs including a maritime-themed cocktail party and an immersive Great Gatsby bash. Pop along for the chance to meet like-minded singles IRL and ditch the screens entirely.

Ready to start your next dating adventure? Click here to join The Inner Circle.

Last Updated 29 May 2019