The Handy App Helping Londoners Find The Flatmates Of Their Dreams

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The Handy App Helping Londoners Find The Flatmates Of Their Dreams

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We all know what it's like when you've got a spare room in London. You want to fill it quickly, but also make sure you've found the right person. Those who have survived passive aggressive post-it note wars or ska music blasting through their walls at 3am know that there's nothing worse than a dud flatmate or nightmare tenant. So how do you go about finding someone who will fit in with your flat?

That's where badi comes in. Using AI, this clever room rental platform connects potential flatmates and landlords with room-seekers. As well as by price and location, the app matches users based on age, lifestyle and interests. That way, you know you'll find someone in tune with your vibe. And it goes both ways: prospective flatmates and tenants can get a real feel for your place before viewing it, meaning there's less waiting around for time-wasters to finish nosing around your abode.

Here's how it works: sign up for free, create a profile and verify it via your social media account, email address, or phone number. That way, all of badi's users know that you're legit. Equally, you can be confident that all your matches are verified users, too. Once complete, you're free to have a play around with your profile. Choose the personality traits, hobbies, and music tastes that fit you, and badi’s advanced algorithm will take care of the rest to connect you with people you share common ground with. So if you're a London culture vulture, for instance, you can nab yourself a flatmate who'll join you on those Sunday morning museum trips.

Thanks to the in-app chat function, you don't have to faff about exchanging and keeping track of contact details. Once you've found your ideal flatmate, they can reserve the room at the touch of a button. As soon as the tenant has made their first month’s rent payment through badi's secure platform, the room will go off the market. If any issues between landlord and tenant do arise, badi will act as an intermediary to ensure a fair outcome.

All in all, it's a brilliant way to get your room filled quickly and securely. Because no sharer or landlord wants to be lumped with covering the costs of a spare room. Especially in London. Badi also provides peace of mind to tenants — retaining the payment for up to 48 hours after the lease is signed to avoid scammers.

Whether you're after someone to help make your house a home, or just a tidy person with a healthy respect for personal space, badi offers something for everyone. Why not give it a go?

Badi is free to download on iOS and Android, or you can access the platform via your browser. Click here to sign up.  

Last Updated 04 January 2019