Horse Racing Could Be Coming To Central London's Streets

Harry Rosehill
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Horse Racing Could Be Coming To Central London's Streets
Photo: Kyre Wood

It's not unusual to see a horse about in central London, from mounted police to Horseguards Parade or even in your local Tesco. But soon we might be seeing horse racing on London's streets.

Two separate proposals have been submitted to the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) with the aim of bringing horse races to the streets of London. The plans imitate the success that cycling and Formula One have had, racing around iconic city centres.

Both companies want to bring the races to London soon. One of the proposing companies — the aptly name City Racing — wants its race in London as early as September 2017. The other company (GAG 403 Limited) is only a bit behind, targeting early 2018; perhaps with a few cracks of the whip it'll be able to catch up.

Don't go out and buy a ridiculous hat just yet. Any plan needs approval from the BHA, who have to make sure that all logistical and welfare issues are dealt with before plans can move forwards.

Believe it or not the first ever British recorded horse race took place in central London — in Smithfield — during the reign of Henry II. That was back in 1174, so the nation's second most popular spectator sport is long overdue a major return home.

Read more about the proposals here.

Last Updated 01 February 2017