Camden's New Shipping Container Market Is Now Open

Harry Rosehill
By Harry Rosehill Last edited 27 months ago

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Camden's New Shipping Container Market Is Now Open
Buck Street Market made from shipping containers in London
The new Buck Street Market

Camden has been synonymous with its markets for decades, so it's maybe a little surprising that it's taken so long for the area to get one made from shipping containers.

That absence has finally been rectified with the opening of the new eco-friendly Buck Street Market. What do we mean by eco-friendly? All the shipping containers are recycled — i.e. they were previously used for the purpose of shipping, rather than purchased new. All 26 of the food brands housed within are committed to sustainable practices, and there are over 50 ethical fashion traders. The entire market operates a zero-plastic policy too.

Inside one of the new stalls

For many of the tourists who frequent Camden — at least outside of coronavirus panic season — will any of that really matter? We reckon they'll mainly be tempted by a colourful new market.

As previously reported, the market spans three levels, and boasts a rooftop garden that serves a communal space. Would an idealised Camden punk who hung around the area in the 1970s even recognise this place?

Miguel's Pizza

The market has raised questions about gentrification; it's unclear if any of the old Buck Street Market traders have been housed in the stacked shipping containers (we've reached out to Buck Street Market for comment). However, the market is clearly trying to appeal to the local community: Miguel's Pizza, for instance, prides itself not only on the quality of its New York style slice, but also its affordability.

Buck Street Market is open now, the food traders from 10am-11pm daily, while the retail side is 10am-7pm.

Last Updated 12 March 2020