Camden's Getting A New Market... And It's Made From Shipping Containers

Harry Rosehill
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Camden's Getting A New Market... And It's Made From Shipping Containers
Photo: LabTech

The Buck doesn't stop here. Instead, it completely transforms.

A bright and bold new market is set to open in Camden. We say new, it's a complete refresh for one that already exists: Buck Street Market.

The transformed market will be made from repurposed shipping containers — an idea that's caught on in London of late.

52 colourful containers will form a three-storey structure, hosting up to 80 independent traders. The focus looks set to be on street food — a similar shift towards culinary delights has happened down the road in the Stables market.

Some traders who already operate on the site will stick around. We'll be interested to see which do; Camden New Journal has previously reported on confusion from traders, left with unanswered questions from the developer.

Sorry, what's Buck Street Market, again?

Even if you're a Camden regular, you might have no idea which market we're talking about. Almost no one uses the name Buck Street anymore. See if the picture below refreshes any memories:

The old Buck Street market. Photo: Shutterstock

Yep, that one. It doesn't get quite as much love as the Stables market, and this refresh aims to change that. Also included in the redevelopment are a greenhouse and — you guessed it — a rooftop garden.

Let's just hope you'll still be able to get knock-off Smiths t shirts.

The new Buck Street Market is set to open at some point in Summer 2019.

Last Updated 06 March 2019