Did You Know London Has Two Places Called Angel?

Will Noble
By Will Noble Last edited 24 months ago
Did You Know London Has Two Places Called Angel?
Angel Edmonton. Photo: Tarquin Binary in creative commons

Ask any Londoner where Angel is, and quick as a flash they'll say Islington. But that's only half right; London has a second Angel, six miles north-west of Islington's. It's called Angel Edmonton, and it's served by its own station, Angel Road.

In case you wanted to travel from one Angel to another, this is how you'd do it:

Like its better known sibling, Edmonton's Angel takes its name from a pub, namely the Angel Tavern, as seen here circa 1900:

Image: pubhistory.com

The pub no longer exists, and unlike in Islington, where Wetherspoon's The Angel stands opposite Angel tube station, Edmonton has had no replacement. The closest pub now is probably the intriguingly-named Gilpins Bell.

How does Angel Edmonton fare on the shopping front? Well, despite being written off as "one of London’s most down-at-heel places to shop, dominated by a ferociously ugly branch of Lidl," it has its perks. While Angel Islington's vibe is boutique art dealers, sushi bars and gimcrack shops, Angel Edmonton deals with the heavy duty stuff. We're talking Wickes, Screwfix, Ikea, the mother of all Mothercares and a Tesco that makes Angel Islington's look about the size of a shopping basket. If you could combine the shopping amenities of both Angels together, you'd probably create London's greatest shopping district.

Mother of all Mothercares. Photo: Fin Fahey

Neither does Angel Islington have all the good looks. While, we admit the roaring North Circular, and its perfunctory footbridges, are an acquired aesthetic taste, there is the odd picturesque nook. Such as Angel Place, where you'll find four pairs of brown-brick houses, liberally festooned with creeping greenery. Nearby Pymmes Park, which features in one of our Weekend Walks — dwarfs Islington Green, and has a functioning water fountain to boot.

Photo: Northmetpit in creative commons

Next time someone asks if you want to meet in Angel, be a clever sod and ask them which one.

Last Updated 30 March 2017