People Are Crowdfunding To Fly A Sadiq Khan Baby Over Parliament

Harry Rosehill
By Harry Rosehill Last edited 7 months ago

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People Are Crowdfunding To Fly A Sadiq Khan Baby Over Parliament
This is such low quality compared to the high production values involved in Trump Baby. Photo: Yanny Bruere

Hmm, so it seems balloons of politicians are a thing now. In what must be the most original idea of the year, a group are crowdfunding to fly a baby balloon of Sadiq Khan over parliament.

Yes, this is a response to the Trump baby that's set to fly over Parliament Square on Friday 13 July. This Sadiq baby campaign has found an audience at pace, having already raised over £16,000.

This campaign is misguided for a couple of reasons. In lots of the comments complaining about the original Trump baby balloon, there seems to be a view that Khan himself is behind the project. He is not, although he did give his permission for it to fly — something that would be needed for this Sadiq baby as well.

Secondly, Trump as an infant is a trope. Say what you will about his haters, but Sadiq Khan has never been compared to a baby before — although many other claims have been flung his way.

Thirdly, someone actually made a Trump baby balloon. Colour us sceptical that the same will happen for this Sadiq baby.

Last Updated 06 July 2018