March On Downing Street Planned To Protest Trump's Muslim Travel Ban

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March On Downing Street Planned To Protest Trump's Muslim Travel Ban
A Trump protester at the Women's March in London, January. Photo: Are You Looking Closely

Protesters will gather outside Downing Street tonight to show opposition to US President Donald Trump's travel ban.

The demonstration will start at 6pm at 10 Downing Street and there will be speeches from MPs including Ed Miliband and Caroline Lucas. The protest has been organised on Facebook, and 18,000 people have said they will attend.

Trump has signed an executive order banning visitors from seven mainly Muslim countries and has blocked Syrian refugees from entering the US indefinitely.

The event reads:

There are moments of terrible injustice throughout history where we look back and rightly ask - what did people do? Future generations will look back at the targeting of Muslims - as we look back at the targeting of Jews - with disgust, horror and shame. If we do not speak out, we are complicit.

Kate Allen, director of Amnesty UK, said: "The move to impose a ban on refugees and nationals of seven predominantly Muslim countries including Syria, Sudan and Somalia from entering the US is appalling.

"Donald Trump's administration is wilfully demonising as 'security concerns', children, women and men fleeing from torturers and mass murderers. These demonstrations show the depth of anger and frustration felt by ordinary people in the UK."

A Downing Street spokesperson said last night that the PM "does not agree" with Trump's latest executive order. Tech firms around the world have also spoken out against the travel ban, saying it is "at odds" with their values. Starbucks has responded by saying it will hire 10,000 refugees.

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Last Updated 30 January 2017