Hamleys Has A Floor Dedicated To Harry Potter

Will Noble
By Will Noble Last edited 71 months ago

Last Updated 25 July 2018

Hamleys Has A Floor Dedicated To Harry Potter

Izzy wizzy! Abracadabra! Whatever it is they say in the franchise! And just like that... another Harry Potter shop materialises in London.

Presided over by a Lego Robbie Coltrane, it inhabits 3000sqft of the lower level of toy emporium Hamleys, on Regent Street. The usual pricey sticks (we made do with bits of hedge in our day), and floaty golden balls apply. Every child's dream, every parent's nightmare etc.

It's hard not to bump into some kind of Harry Potter merch store in London. There's already the Platform 9 ¾ shop in King's Cross station. And Primark's Potter range. And of course, a large chunk of Watford (not strictly London but still) has long been converted into a wizarding wonderland.

This latest incarnation is proof that the JK Rowling franchise shows no signs of flagging. And that we're all doomed to be under the spell of this dweeb forevermore: