'Can Of Ham' Tower Finally Arises

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Last Updated 10 May 2017

'Can Of Ham' Tower Finally Arises

The Gherkin is about to get a new neighbour, and it is suitably foody.

70 St Mary Axe is under construction just north of the famous skyscraper. It has earned the nickname 'The Can of Ham' thanks to its distinctive curves that resemble Spam tinned ham. [Correction: Spam tins are oblong with rounded corners, but many other brands are the right shape.]

The core rising, May 2017.

The office building was first proposed way back in 2008, but has hit continued delays. When complete, it will stand 90 metres tall — a slouch by City standards, but something of a landmark even so.

The Can of Ham joins the Gherkin and Cheesegrater in a skyline that looks increasingly like a Famous Five picnic. All that's missing is the Ginger Beer Tower.