Tickets For Battersea Power Station's 'Great Glass Elevator' Go On Sale

Will Noble
By Will Noble Last edited 19 months ago

Last Updated 09 November 2022

Tickets For Battersea Power Station's 'Great Glass Elevator' Go On Sale
People inside the glass lift at the top of a power station chimney
The latest sky-high attraction comes to London. Image: Battersea Power Station

Tickets for Battersea Power Station's chimney elevator experience are now on sale — with rides taking place from 15 November.

Lift 109 is a much-anticipated sky-high ride/viewing experience at the newly-reopened erstwhile power station, which whisks you 109 meters up inside one of the iconic chimneys, with 'constellations of light' guiding the way. The lift then peeks out the top of the chimney, becoming a 360-degree viewing platform, which should command some spectacular new views of London.

The entrance to Lift 109 in Turbine Hall A. Image: Londonist

The upward journey begins in Turbine Hall A, where a display gives you the history of the Giles Gilbert Scott behemoth, which one generated power for one fifth of London.

How much will it cost to ride Lift 109? A few weeks back, we spied the prices displayed in the power station itself: adults from £15.90 and children from £11.50. Certainly competitive compared with the likes of The Shard and London Eye.

More information can be found on the Lift 109 website.