1950s-Style Bar To Open Inside Battersea Power Station Control Room

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Last Updated 14 September 2022

1950s-Style Bar To Open Inside Battersea Power Station Control Room
A drawing of a futuristic looking bar
Artist's impression of the bar space

Fancy a cocktail in the room that once powered a fifth of London?

Battersea Power Station's historic Control Room B will soon open as a 1950s-inspired bar. It's quite a change in function for a room that once supplied power to a fifth of London.  

The brutalist space was opened in the 1950s, to work alongside the art-deco Control Room A. Its new lease of life comes on 14 October 2022, when the entire complex opens to the public with over 100 shops, restaurants and cafes, events venues, and that chimney lift experience.

A row of dials and machinery in a brutalist biulding, with purple lighting
Many of the original dials, switches and stations are still in situ.

According to the PR, "The establishment will feature mid-century furniture and glassware, and there will also be a beautiful centrepiece bar, which is a turbine-inspired radial sculpture." Its main trade will be cocktails and the like, but it opens from 10am for coffee, tea and pastries.

The new bar is under the auspices of Inception Group, who are the people behind Mr Fogg's and Cahoots. This new concept bar will be their biggest project yet.

Two men in white boiler suits with clipboards stand beside an old dial
Serving staff will be dressed in boiler suits as part of the bar's theatricality

We're told that "Each drink will be influenced by the Power Station and the 1950s Control Room through vessels and ingredients used." In that case, we look forward to sipping hearty mugs of beefy drink and Ovaltine.

All images courtesy of Inception Group.