5 Reasons Why Resold Tickets Aren’t Always A Bad Idea

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5 Reasons Why Resold Tickets Aren’t Always A Bad Idea

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Which gigs and festivals are you looking forward to?

We've got a long list of events to hit up this summer, but the question is, how do we secure tickets to them all? Thanks to TicketSwap — the secondhand ticket marketplace — dealing with touts isn't the answer.

But hang on, aren't all resold tickets dodgy? Nuh-uh. This nifty ticket reselling app means you can wave goodbye to rip off prices, backstreet deals, and fake tickets. Here are five reasons why:

1. Prices are capped at 20% above face value

With tickets to some popular events fetching up to 5x face value on the black market, buying from touts can leave a sour taste in the mouth (not to mention a hefty dent in the wallet).

TicketSwap, on the other hand, caps what sellers can ask for their tickets at 20% above the original price. 82% of tickets sold on the platform are at face value, and you can be sure you won't be paying over the odds for the rest.

2. Sellers are verified, and you can see who you're buying from

When it comes to ticket touts, you've no idea who you're buying from. Where did they acquire the tickets? Is there any form of recourse if things go wrong?

Not the case with TicketSwap. All sellers and tickets are verified based on several criteria — meaning you can rely on their authenticity — and mandatory login measures via Facebook and email ensure transparency when it comes to seeing who it is you're buying from.

3. Your tickets will be sent straight away, so there's no waiting around

With touts, there's always the worry that you won't get what you've paid for. Are the tickets legit? Will they even turn up on time?

You won't be left waiting around with TicketSwap. Only e-tickets are allowed on the platform, and sellers must upload their ticket before its available for sale. This means they can be sent safely, securely, and instantly, as soon as you purchase them. It's great for those last-minute gigs, and reliable too.

4. You can purchase from the comfort of your mobile phone

Lingering outside venues is no fun, but sometimes it's the only way to secure that all important ticket to a sold-out event.

With TicketSwap, you can browse what's available from the comfort of your own home — or anywhere else, for that matter. The all-digital transaction process takes place entirely within the app, meaning you don't need to worry about meeting and exchanging cash with strangers.

5. Sellers are guaranteed their money after a transaction

Never mind being ripped off as a buyer — you might have been stung when you've had some of your own tickets to sell...

So why not consider selling your spare tickets on TicketSwap, too? The platform acts as the ideal intermediary, and as a seller, all you need to do is create a listing and upload your ticket. It'll only be sent to the buyer after TicketSwap has received payment, and they'll transfer the money to you the next working day. Simple.

See? Not all resold tickets are dodgy.

The TicketSwap app is available on iOS and Android. Download for free to start buying and selling tickets today.

Last Updated 08 June 2018