See The Beatles On Old Street Roundabout

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See The Beatles On Old Street Roundabout
Paul: see him standing there.

Update: the Beatles are no longer visible, alas.

The Fab Four have come together once again in the unlikely location of Old Street roundabout.

Head up the stairs to the Magic Roundabout space and you can see replicas of the quartet.

Paul is easiest to spot (above), skulking beside the staircase like the world's most polite bouncer.

John: Norwegian Wood?

John and Ringo share a platform among some foliage.

George is a little harder to find. Always the most aloof Beatle, he stands alone towards the back of the bar area, beside a fibreglass friend.

George: Something in the way he moves.

The statues are a temporary feature, installed to mark the 50th anniversary of the 'Mad Day Out'. On 28 July 1968, the band went on an off-beat tour of the capital, posing for photographers in unlikely places. These included Old Street roundabout.

Ringo: Came in through the bathroom window.

The statues won't be around for long. Indeed, nor will the roundabout. The much-maligned junction will soon undergo a multimillion-pound rebuild, which will see one corner pedestrianised and the introduction of two-way traffic. Let it be.

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