Do Yoga Beneath A Giant Moon At The Natural History Museum

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Do Yoga Beneath A Giant Moon At The Natural History Museum

This enormous model of the moon is at the Natural History Museum from mid-May.

The Moon hanging at Lakes Alive UK
Museum of the Moon at a previous venue. Image by Fay Grant

Museum of the Moon is a six-metre-wide (20 feet) model of our natural satellite. Its cratered surface isn't any old slapdash lunar paint job, but uses high-resolution imagery from NASA. Out-of-this-world selfies will be taken.

The monumental moon is on a world tour, but will linger in London from May to September. The free installation coincides, of course, with the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing.

People touching the moon like deluded gods in search of cheese
The Moon at Cork Midsummer Festival. Image Fay Grant.

A series of events accompany the moon's tenancy, including the chance to practice yoga in its celestial glow.

The south pole of the Moon, or ElonMuskville, as it'll be known in 50 years.
The moon from beneath. Image Neil James

Museum of the Moon is the latest work from Luke Jerram. The artist has good form when it comes to simple, playful feats of creativity. You may remember his glass sculptures of viruses, the 'Play me, I'm yours' pianos in public spaces, or the sky orchestra of hot air balloons.

Blue moon
The moon hanging in Bristol. Image Carolyn Eaton
Artist Luke Jerram. Image Fay Grant.

Museum of the Moon is at the Natural History Museum from 17 May to 8 September 2019. Entrance is free.

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