Help Restore This Gorgeous Observatory

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Help Restore This Gorgeous Observatory

This is the Altazimuth Pavilion at the Royal Observatory Greenwich. A very handsome building, we're sure you'll agree.

The Grade II listed structure is in a bit of a sorry condition, though. With leaks and rising damp, it is unfit to serve as an observatory. No science has been done here for over 60 years.

The Royal Observatory has set up a crowdfunding campaign to fix it. The funding will also see two new telescopes added to the dome. These are designed to overcome the effects of London's light pollution.

The renovation would see the Royal Observatory Greenwich turned into a working observatory once again. As the campaign claims: "It would use the latest technology to capture incredible moments in our skies so that they can be shared and seen by all as well as being used to gather scientific data."

If you'd like to learn more about the project, and perhaps contribute a few pounds to the cause, visit the JustGiving page.

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Last Updated 12 June 2017