A Map Of London's Urban Oddities

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Last Updated 05 April 2023

A Map Of London's Urban Oddities

Do you know where to find London's tiniest sculpture, a bollard shaped like a police helmet, or gravestones that you're encouraged to dance upon?

The answers can all be found in our big map of urban oddities.

Quirky phone boxes, peculiar plaques, bizarre benches, oddball sculptures... anything that would make you stop in your tracks and ask "why?".

The map shows over 200 such oddities, from the deliberately misspelled plaque to Michael Pallin, to the hidden fragments of Old London Bridge, to London's last remaining stocks and whipping post. Oh, and the two massive cockerels of Bedfont.

Two topiary cocks face each other in front of a church spire.

For the present, we've only included outdoor oddities, or those on the easily accessible London Underground. We've also held back on street art, because of its ephemeral nature, unless a work has proven sticking power.

You can use the map to discover new oddities in your local area, or perhaps to string together a walk of nearby oddities in a particular part of town (hint: Charing Cross is a happy hunting ground).

A Victorian street sign saying "Commit no nuisance"

We intend to keep adding to the map over time. To submit your own discoveries, add a comment at the bottom of this article.