An Utterly Absorbing Map Of London's Railways

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An Utterly Absorbing Map Of London's Railways
A framed map of London railways, with the 32 boroughs shown in multiple colours.

A new map of Greater London railways will have you geeking away for hours.

Artist Mike Hall has painstakingly pieced together the capital's intricate rail network, mapping both commuter and non-passenger routes, including tube lines, the DLR and Overground.

The routes are laid out geographically, in contrast to more familiar route maps that use a tube-style schematic approach. The results are beautiful.

A zoomed in section of map showing rail routes through the centre of London on a green, yellow, orange and pink background

The map is bang up to date with the Northern line extension, and even includes routes under construction such as HS2. You'll also find dismantled and disused lines, such as north London's Parkland Walk and Croydon's Addiscombe Railway Park.

Rail routes through north London on a multicolour background

Others have mapped London's railways using a geographical approach before — indeed, it's a tradition that goes back to Victorian times. Some have even tracked the tracks in intimate detail, right down to platform layouts. Mike doesn't go quite that deep, but the payoff is a map that is both informative and attractive enough to hang on your wall.

Rail routes around Heathrow airport on a green background

We've featured Mike's work numerous times on the site, most recently his retro maps of the London boroughs. He also provided the cartography and illustrations for my own Atlas of Imagined Places... a project that began life on Londonist. It's an interconnected world!

You can get hold of an A1 print of the Greater London Railway Map via Mike's website.

Last Updated 29 April 2022