Videos Show Trail Of Devastation Left By Storm Eunice In London And Beyond

Laura Reynolds
By Laura Reynolds Last edited 12 months ago
Videos Show Trail Of Devastation Left By Storm Eunice In London And Beyond
A previous storm hits the UK in 2019. Photo: Marcus Woodbridge/Unsplash

We've been tracking the impact of Storm Eunice all day, including its ruthless ripping of the canvas of The O2 dome. Here's what else has been going down (and falling over) in the capital and in other parts of the UK.

Storm Eunice takes down a church spire in Somerset

St Thomas Church in Wells lost its spire around lunchtime on Friday, with local man Matthew Hodson capturing the moment it toppled:

A huge tree goes down in Bude, Cornwall

A large, well-rooted tree blew over like a feather — taking a wall with it — in Bude:

A chimney blows off Grain Power Station in Kent

Sennen Cove Lifeboat Station loses its roof

Located in Penzance on the coast of Cornwall, Sennen Cove Lifeboat station was right in the path of Storm Eunice, which tore a huge section of the building's roof off.

The roof of Spurs stadium is looking lively

Just look at that bounce. Fear not though — apparently that's part of the design of the stadium, to allow it to withstand severe weather. We just don't get to see it in action all that often.

Oh, and that 'wheelie high' dustbin... not Storm Eunice

We've got a lot to blame Eunice for, but if you've seen that clip of a wheelie bin heading for the heavens, it was actually published on Twitter back in 2021, and attributed to the 'Barking tornado'. Still, with a trampoline and a wheelie bin among the debris flying through the air, it's an impressive bit of footage, so here it is again:

And because we can't quite believe our eyes, here are some more videos of The O2 dome being shredded in the wind and landing in the Thames:

Sadly, at least one person has died, after being hit by a falling tree in Ireland, and several people have been taken to hospital in various areas around the country. London Fire Brigade is among the organisations declaring a major incident, so consider this your reminder to stay home if you can until Storm Eunice has passed, and don't put yourself in harm's way for the sake of taking photos or videos.

Last Updated 18 February 2022

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