London's Weirdest Building: Will Alsop's Neuron Pod

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London's Weirdest Building: Will Alsop's Neuron Pod
What the actual f*ck?

Whitechapel has a building that looks like an amputee hedgehog.

London's most erinaceous structure can be found at the Centre of the Cell, a science educational facility attached to Queen Mary, University of London.

Do you see a brain cell, or something you might find snuffling under a hedge?

The peculiar new extension was designed by the late Will Alsop to resemble a brain cell. Called the Neuron Pod, it joins other cell-shaped meeting rooms within the building. It's sure to become a staple of Instagram, especially night time shots when the spines are illuminated.

Hedgehog bottom
Oh. My. Gosh. Look at that butt.

Your correspondent walked right around the pod, underneath, back to front, and viewed it from every side. It most definitely has more of the dismembered hedgehog about it than anything cellular.

It's nightmarish when viewed from the west. Like some kind of hedgehog-shark composite or a massive tardigrade. Beware.

Still, who could begrudge such a joyful, original piece of architecture? I for one have no axon to grind.

Oddness from a safe distance.

Dezeen has additional photos, including shots from inside the pod. Visit the building at Centre of the Cell,  4 Newark Street, Whitechapel E1 2AT.

Last Updated 04 April 2019