Get A Westminster Street Sign At Auction

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Last Updated 24 April 2023

Get A Westminster Street Sign At Auction
Strand WC2 street sign on a beige wall

Fancy getting your mitts on an iconic Westminster street sign? An upcoming auction is selling off hundreds of old signs, and at a surprisingly low guide price.

The red, black and white signs are being sold off by Westminster Council for as little as £80. Those on offer are from the 50s and 60s. They include enamelled signs in the current style (designed by Sir Misha Black in the 1967), as well as earlier Crown Estate signs with borders and crown motifs.

A City of Westminster street sign with lots of words
Well, this wordy one would be value for money... if it were for sale

Each of the 340 signs comes with a certificate of authenticity, so you can be sure it hasn't been prised off the streets by rogue traders. Coveted signs include Regent Street, Soho Square and, thanks to its Bowie connections, Heddon Street.

The auction, arranged by Catherine Southon Auctioneers & Valuers, takes place in Chislehurst on 18 May. Details here.

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