11 Sentences We Never Dreamed We'd Be Saying Three Months Ago

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Last Updated 18 March 2020

11 Sentences We Never Dreamed We'd Be Saying Three Months Ago
If only we'd listened to you, J-L.

Well, it's been an eventful few weeks, hasn't it. Last Christmas, nobody in the universe had heard of Covid-19. Now, almost every person on the planet is having to deal with its repercussions.

We've found ourself uttering sentences that would have seemed unthinkable at the end of last year. Here are 11. Imagine going back in time and telling your slightly younger self that each of the following would be a reality in a matter of weeks...

1. "Remember the good old days of Brexit wrangling?"

2. "Who knew that months after Andrew, the WHOLE Royal Family would be in isolation?"

3. "I've spent exactly nothing down the pub this week."

Not so much as a Brixton pound.

4. "I just put a tenner on Liverpool not winning the league till October"

5. "I felt a bit lonely on the tube today."

Yes, another one of these pictures.

6. "Boris Johnson's just quarantined Jeremy Corbyn for 12 weeks."

We won't be seeing him for some time.

7. "I might stay in this weekend. There's nothing much happening in London."

8. "Working from home sucks, I miss commuting."

9. "We could really do with another series of First Dates to watch."

10. "There's something unfamiliar about this air. Is it... fresh?"

11. "Here's a great article with tips on how to clean your bottom if you can't find any toilet paper."

Got any further suggestions for "sentences that would have sounded impossible three months ago"? Leave them in the comments.