Lyvly Takes The Hassle Out Of Renting In London

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Lyvly Takes The Hassle Out Of Renting In London

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Regular cleaning is included in your lease with Lyvly

Is it just us, or is renting in London getting harder? You either meet amazing potential flatmates, only to find their home's at completely the wrong end of the Central line for you, or you find the perfect pad, only to discover the other residents aren't the right fit for you.

Step in Lyvly, a platform which cuts all the hassle out of renting, and finds you the perfect place to live — and the perfect people to live with.

All Lyvly rooms offer plenty of space for working from home.

All Lyvly members are young professionals aged between 22-37, and all are vetted by a membership committee on joining, so you can be assured that whoever you're sharing a bathroom with has similar values to your own, and is at a similar life stage to you. You may even become friends for life.

So that's the people sorted, but what about the place? Lyvly has homes for all tastes, whether you fancy cozying up in a Victorian terraced house, or lording it up over London in a luxury skyscraper pad. Spotted somewhere you like the look of? Take a virtual tour of your new home — and video chat with your new flatmates before you move in — without leaving your sofa.

Fancy living in a modern flat with views over the London skyline?

So what about all the other pains of renting? Like leases, for example? Lyvly makes the paperwork simple, by ensuring your lease is just between you and Lyvly — so if your flatmate leaves suddenly, you won't be left covering their rent until someone else moves in.

The stress of splitting bills is gone too. Living in a Lyvly property is all-inclusive, so utility bills, council tax, and even loo roll are included in the price. No more putting money aside for unexpected bills, or chasing housemates to pay their share.

Lyvly holds members' parties for new members.

Lyvly is more than a letting agency — it's a community, with regular events held all over London, giving you a chance to meet other like-minded Londoners, and explore new areas. And if you fall in love with a new neighbourhood, with Lyvly passporting — where you can transfer to a new neighbourhood within Lyvly's list —- you have the flexibility to move there.

Ready to make your move? Sign up to Lyvly today, and you could be moved into your ideal new home within weeks. Plus, mention to the Lyvly team that you saw them on Londonist to get one week free.

Last Updated 18 August 2020