Multicultural Soho Shines In This AI-Enhanced Video From The 1950s

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Multicultural Soho Shines In This AI-Enhanced Video From The 1950s
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Image: Living History AI Enhanced

Two AI-enhanced short films show central London in the 50s with new clarity.

Sunshine In Soho is a rather marvellous little film which shows the comings and goings of that famous quarter almost 70 years ago.

The film bounces around the streets of Soho, resting a while in Golden Square to watch performances at a local festival, before moving on to explore the theatres and international cuisine. Even in the mid-50s, Soho was a place of many nations. It must have been quite something to be offered a slap-up Chinese or Italian meal just two years after the end of rationing.

The film is now clearer than ever, thanks to YouTube channel Living History AI Enhanced. The polished-up film allows us to discern intricate details, such as writing on background signs and the expressions of people in the crowds.

Mayfair in the 1950s

A second short by the same filmmakers does a similar thing for the Mayfair of the 1950s. Viewers are transported to a time when Mayfair was synonymous with refinement, and the streets exuded an air of exclusivity.

It's worth taking a look at the wider channel. As we've previously reported, it's done a great job of sharpening up footage from the 1930s and even a century ago.

Last Updated 26 February 2024

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