HeyGreenGO: A Social Media App That Actually Makes You More Social

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HeyGreenGO: A Social Media App That Actually Makes You More Social

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Despite the name, social media today tends to make us, well, pretty unsocial. With our heads in our phones/iPads/laptops, we are seeing, doing and meeting up less. New social media app HeyGreenGO is here to change things — this is the app to get you out and about, meeting real people in the real world.

Once you've set up your profile, the HeyGreenGO can be used — this shows you users within a 10 mile radius, which you can filter by interests, likes or hobbies.  Connect to people you're likely to get on with by organising a meeting via the app. It's all about ditching the virtual world for the real one by meeting up and doing more.

You can filter nearby users to search for people with particular interests or activity preferences, so it's simpler to find your ideal match for whatever you want to do. Groups can even be set up, which means you could have a running club by tomorrow, or a museum team by next week.

Looking for a running buddy? Someone to go to a gallery with? Post a status and nearby users can answer your call. New app upgrades mean you can switch your interests on or off to suit your circumstances — so if today you really want to do a yoga class, and want to save the cinema for tomorrow, it's easy to do.

If you're worried about safety, you'll be pleased to know that HeyGreenGO have a validation process for users. Once you've met up with someone successfully, you can also validate them by using emojis, so that if others want to connect with them, they have peace of mind.

HeyGreenGO want you to concentrate on having more experiences rather than Facebook likes — get out and about and meet more people by downloading their app on Android or iOs for free.

Last Updated 13 March 2017