Benches With Really Awful Views: Send Us Your Nominations

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Benches With Really Awful Views: Send Us Your Nominations
A bench in Tilbury

Few benches command such a noble vista as this slatted specimen. The handy seat offers world-beating views of the Tilbury freight logistics yard. It's perfect for the six or seven people in the world who enjoy viewing freight logistics yards.

At least it has a view. Foot-weary travellers in Guildford get a face-full of bush, so to speak.

These are just two examples of Benches of Laughable Outlooks (BOLOks). Once you have an eye for BOLOks, you'll see them everywhere. Jack Cornish (@cornish_jack), for example, alerts us to this champion on the North Circular — ideal for topping up your sulfur dioxide levels.

Meanwhile, Dave McGowan — who professes to be a connoisseur of such things — contributes the image below, from Kingston. Could there be a better spot to sit and contemplate the growth of invasive grass species?

From west to east, BOLOKs are all around us. Peter Massini (@PeterMassini) offered this paragon of the picturesque, from Thamesmead — three hotly sought seats facing onto a trash screen and concrete outfall wall.

Hundreds of further BOLOks await discovery, we dare say. If you've spotted a particularly egregious example, please send a photo to or leave a comment, and we'll include it in a second instalment. Happy hunting.

Last Updated 15 October 2019