Can You Work Out Where These London Views Were Taken?

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Can You Work Out Where These London Views Were Taken?

Like Burt the chimneysweep, we've been up on a fair few London rooftops in our time. But can you identify which ones? Answers at the bottom.

1. A never-ending roof garden

A sunset view with two small towers silhouetted behind a roof garden

2. Looking down on a street scene

Looking down onto a narrow road from third floor level

3. Clearly a station, but which one?

A station roof with sloped peaks

4. Is that a clef?

A hedge group in the shape of a musical clef

5. Unexpected urban jungle

A long street seen from above, filled with treetops

6. What's that in the foreground?

A high-up view of the thames looking towards Tower Bridge with some gold petals in the foreground

7. Busy road, busy rooftops

A view from high up of some inner city buildings and roads

8. Obvs, that's the BT Tower... but where was the photo taken?

The BT Tower sticks up above the low streets of central London

9. A few famous buildings here, including the one from which it is taken

The london eye and Big Ben are two of the buildings in this panorama

10. One of London's biggest roofs

A vast roof, beige in colour with skyscrapers in background

11. More roof, and distant hills

A view along the spine of a roof with hills in the background

12. Hang on... is that gaffer tape?

A statue with a cross in hand seen from behind

13. London's highest balcony?

A deep orange sunset on a rooftop with a female figure silhouetted

14. Where can you get a panorama like this?

A panorama of houses from high up


1. Cannon Street station
2. Truman Brewery (more pics)
3. Victoria station (more pics)
4. Royal Albert Hall (more pics)
5. Bush House (looking down Kingsway, which is greener than you might think; more pics taken during its refit)
6. The Monument (from inside the golden crown, not normally accessible; more pics)
7. Wellcome Trust, Euston Road (more pics)
8. The Post Building (one of London's newest free viewing rooftops; more pics and how to visit)
9. 55 Broadway (old London Underground headquarters)
10. ExCeL (more pics)
11. St Pancras station (more pics and video)
12. St Paul's Cathedral (video of hidden spaces and rooftops)
13. The Leadenhall Building (Cheesegrater; more pics)
14. Trellick Tower

All images by Matt Brown, except number 6, by Sandra Lawrence. Got an interesting roof we can visit? Contact

Last Updated 24 February 2023