Get A Real Taste Of Sicily At New Restaurant Enzo's Kitchen

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Get A Real Taste Of Sicily At New Restaurant Enzo's Kitchen

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Italy is a big and varied place. To blanket 'Italian food' as just one thing is absurd. There's no shortage of Italian restaurants in London — but would you know where to go for authentic regional dishes?

For incredible Sicilian cuisine, make a move towards Tasting Sicily, London's dedicated deli and caterer of foodie finds from the Mediterranean island. Even better, the team behind the deli has just opened a new restaurant, Enzo's Kitchen, which is serving up the foods and flavours of Sicilian specialities to Londoners. This is the real deal.

These guys are pretty sure that Sicilian is up there with the best of Italian regional cuisines. They sell all sorts of authentic ingredients at their Soho shop and delicatessen — now, though, they also have a stunning restaurant.

Credit: Flora Luna

Run by chef Enzo Oliveri who is head of FIC UK (Federation of Italian Chefs in the UK), Enzo's Kitchen is about way more than the usual pizza and pasta. The menu features specialities from the island such as colourful caponata, Maiolini octopus carpaccio and Sicilian sausage. For something truly stunning, order the chef's signature dish; casarecce pasta with pork cheeks from Nebodi mountains and Bronte pistachio.

Of course, the wine list looks pretty good too, not to mention mouth-watering desserts such as almond semifreddo and cassatelle. Don't worry though — for those who like to stick to what they know, there are plenty of (Sicilian) pizzas and pastas to satisfy those cravings. More of an early riser? Sample some traditional Sicilian cornetti for breakfast, or experience a taste of home with their Stockpot English Breakfast Menu.

With authentic foods aplenty, Tasting Sicily is your go-to for deli ingredients directly from Italy. If you're not confident in your cooking ability but still want to experience what Sicilian food should really taste like, we suggest you head to Enzo's Kitchen for genuinely bellissimo food.

Tasting Sicily Enzo's Kitchen, 38 Panton Street, SW1Y 4EA

Last Updated 03 April 2017