Godzilla Is About To Invade This Retro Ramen Restaurant

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Godzilla Is About To Invade This Retro Ramen Restaurant

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Skreeeonk! That's the sound of the King of Monsters roaring its way into London (well, according to our old comics, it is). For the entirety of March, Japan Centre's Heddon Yokocho is celebrating all things Godzilla.

This brand new collab involves a limited edition set menu, a monstrously good prize giveaway, and a fresh look for the Mayfair ramen bar — soon to be taken over by massive models of the Japanese pop culture icon, with its neon interiors plastered in retro movie merch. Here's everything you need to know...

First up, the food. Dishes on the special set menu — priced at £22 per head plus optional 10% service charge for a main, a dessert, and a drink — include Gojira Volcano Ramen, featuring Heddon Yokocho's signature miso chicken and pork broth, a spicy, Godzilla-inspired heat ray sauce and an extra helping of pork belly. There's also Kaiju Volcano Ramen, a veggie version made using a plant-based broth, spicy sauce, ganmo tofu, and a selection of vegetables.

Each iteration is served in a "black volcano" bowl with a flaming hot chilli on the side for added spice — why not take inspiration from Godzilla's own omnivorous diet and try both?

There are also two Godzilla-themed desserts to choose from: the King of the Monsters Matcha Cheesecake, and Mothra's Favourite Mochi Ice Cream in mango and passion fruit or vegan miso chocolate and cookie dough (or a mix of the two if you're feeling indecisive).

Wash it all down with the Wake Me Up in Tokyo — an umeshu, Suntory Toki whisky, yuzu, and jalapeno concoction garnished with edible Godzilla decorations — or go booze-free with the refreshing Sunrise Melon Soda.

And, natch, Heddon Yokocho's usual menu of regional speciality ramen, street food sides, and sake is available too.

In between feasting, diners are encouraged to follow Godzilla's gargantuan footsteps around the restaurant for a neon-hued nostalgia trip. Admire 1970s posters and banners that celebrate the sea monster's status as a pillar of Japanese film culture, bop along to film soundtracks, and snap a selfie with one of the 1.7 metre Godzilla models (just watch out for its atomic breath, OK?)

Once you've grabbed a good photo, don't forget to share your scary selfie on social media for the chance to win a glorious Godzilla prize bundle, which includes a limited-edition skateboard! Three winners will be selected, and you'll need to tag @ramenyokocho in your post to enter the giveaway.

On top of all that, you'll even have the opportunity to get your hands on some limited edition Yokocho X Godzilla merch. Skateboards, t-shirts and Japanese lanterns are among the goodies you can purchase onsite after your meal, though if you don't fancy lugging it all home on a full stomach, the range is also available to buy online and at Japan Centre food halls.

The Heddon Yokocho X Godzilla pop up runs 1-31 March 2022. It's the first experience of its kind in Europe  — book online today and give the King of the Monsters a proper welcome to London.

Last Updated 08 March 2022