Albion's: A Camden Restaurant That Mixes Four Types Of Cuisine With Delicious Results

Albion's ★★★★☆

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Albion's: A Camden Restaurant That Mixes Four Types Of Cuisine With Delicious Results Albion's 4

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The restaurant has an outdoor terrace, perfect for warm summer nights.

What type of food do you fancy tonight? French, Italian, Mediterranean or British? Why not all of them? That's what you get at Albion's, a Camden restaurant that takes a suite of seemingly incompatible dishes and combines them in a delicious menu.

Usually in restaurants, the main thought when looking at the menu is deciding what you want to eat. Here, it's trying to work out how couscous and linguine ended up next to each other. Ultimately, the random dishes don't matter as long as the food measures up, and we're off to a good start with some crisp, fresh calamari. It's got a lovely battered texture to it, and the right amount of parsley so neither flavour overpowers the other.

Prawns so juicy it's as if they've brought the sea back with them.

However, top billing in the starters belongs to the tiger prawns — big chunky specimens drizzled in garlic, and so juicy it's as if they've brought some of the sea back with them.

The seafood delivers once more as we move on to mains. There's no skimping with the linguine as it's piled high with mussels, prawn and squid in a neat pyramid. Every piece of seafood is superb and the chilli kick in the sauce brings some welcome heat to this fishy feast. The chicken skewers are seasoned liberally but the accompanying couscous comes out colder than the chicken, which is the only letdown in an otherwise meaty main.  

The chocolate fondant is nice and gooey, just the way we like it.

We finish off with a gooey chocolate fondant that oozes sexily all over our plate like any good fondant should. It's the perfect ending to a thoroughly rich meal — though you don't have to be rich to dine at this reasonably priced restaurant.

Albion's is located halfway between Camden and Kentish Town Underground stations, putting it in a slightly odd spot away from the major foot traffic of Camden. When we visited on a rainy Wednesday evening it was very quiet, which is a shame as it deserves to be a lot busier.

Albion's is at 117 Kentish Town Road, NW1 8PB. The meal in this review cost circa £40 for two excluding drinks.

Last Updated 21 August 2019